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Zebra Kalahari Lodge

Simply stylish and elegant rooms with all comfort needed in the middle of the Kalahari.

Suricate Tented Lodge

Comfortable safari tents set on top of the red dunes - where you can become one with nature.

Camelthorn Kalahari Lodge

Cosy cottages set in the middle of the beautiful Kalahari - set between two red dunes.

The rapture that is the Kalahari Desert

can truly be experienced on this 10 000 hectare Intu Afrika Kalahari Game Reserve which is just 250 kilometres from the capital city.
Three luxurious lodges: the Zebra Kalahari Lodge, the Camelthorn Kalahari Lodge and the Suricate Tented Lodge, offer travellers breath-taking views and incredible fauna and flora to discover. The Intu Afrika Lodges form the gateway to the treasures of the south making this the ideal stop over for travellers going to or coming from Namibia’s southern regions. The Intu Kalahari Game Reserve has been in existence for 16 years and has achieved great successes in their conservation efforts over the years.

Intu Afrika Kalahari Game Reserve consist out of 10.000ha of Nature & Wildlife Reserve. To discover this stunning part of the Namibian Kalahari we have the choice of three different lodges. Each lodge has its own character, advantages and feel but all three lodge have the same amenities and activities available.

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